Successfully navigate marital challenges… even when crisis throws you off course!
30-Days of Private Coaching, Connection, The Communication Cure Process®, and Personal Growth.

HOPE: the belief that your future will be better than today and
YOU have the power to make it so.

Are You a Couple Facing a Crisis? Think Again.
You're Actually Facing a Chance to Change Things!

In the next 30 days, with all the tough stuff you’re going through, you’ve got a really important choice to make. This isn't just another rough patch; it's a major moment that can change your relationship for better or worse.

The choices you make, the help you get, and how much you both are willing to put in will decide if your relationship ends up broken or better than ever. This is your chance to turn a really hard time
 into a time of growing and getting stronger together.

What's your move going to be?

The BENEFITS of Your 30-Day Road to Hope,
Backed by 30 Years of Specialized Experience

Refined and proven over three decades in real-life relationship crises, 'From Havoc To Hope' offers more than just theories and temporary solutions. In just one month, we guide you through a process of building unbreakable connection and engaging in transformative communication, all designed to restore hope and strengthen your partnership amidst turmoil.

Discover how a month under our experienced guidance can lead to a hopeful,
united path forward for you and your partner.

Stability & Clarity 
In times of relationship crisis, the overwhelming feelings of being out of control, 
engulfed in confusion, and fear that things might worsen can be paralyzing. 

Our approach focuses on restoring stability to halt the chaos, offering clarity to cut through the confusion, and guiding couples away from decisions that could exacerbate their situation, ensuring a path towards a healthier, more secure future together.

Connection & Communication:

You're in a relationship crisis, marked by miscommunication, escalating conflicts, and disconnection.

This program gets you to a harmonious relationship where transformative dialogues replace conflicts, fostering understanding, support, and emotional connection.

By offering two distinct processes: 1) Establishing a strong bond that brings your thoughts and feelings into harmony, creating a solid team spirit, and 2) Implementing The Communication Cure®, transforming your talks from blame and confusion to clear, caring conversations. This foundation ensures you both feel known, understood, and valued, ready to tackle challenges together with renewed trust and cooperation. MORE...

Targeted Growth & Guidance

Our program provides personalized weekly Zoom coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs and concerns. This flexible approach ensures that what matters most to you is what we focus on, whether it's resolving pressing issues, exploring new topics, or strengthening aspects of your relationship. By addressing your unique challenges and goals, we foster both individual and collective growth, leading to a stronger, more understanding, and hopeful partnership.MORE...

Fast-Track to Stability:
30-Day Crisis Response Program for 
Immediate, Grounded Progress.

It has to be intense without overwhelming.
It has have a history of effectiveness while working for your uniques situation.


Days 1-7: Ignite Hope

In the first 7 days of 'From Havoc to Hope,' we'll explore the transformative role of hope in navigating relationship crises. You'll learn how understanding the science of hope can shift your perspective from being overwhelmed to seeing positive possibilities. Without hope, it's easy to feel lost and let difficulties overwhelm us. This week is centered on establishing a hopeful mindset, which is vital for ensuring your relationship survives and thrives beyond this crisis.


Days 8-14: Personal Growth for Mutual Satisfaction

Week 2 targets key areas of personal growth to mend and strengthen your relationship. You'll learn to build trust, enhance self-awareness, and master emotional regulation—skills that make an immediate positive impact. This phase offers vital insights into your current struggles, providing both hope and practical strategies. Implement practical strategies for better communication and understanding, seeing noticeable changes in your daily interactions.


Days 15-22: From Memories to Milestones

In the third segment of "From Havoc To Hope," couples delve into their personal histories to uncover the events and influences shaping their past struggles and current crisis. This introspective journey reveals keys to a brighter, shared future. As you openly share your past experiences and express your aspirations, you will grow closer, fostering a deeper understanding and compassion. This phase is pivotal in transforming your relationship into something greater than ever before!


Days 23-30: Travel Light - Shedding Historical Weight

In this final phase, you are actively shedding emotional pain, falsehoods, and protective layers, a crucial step in moving past the crisis. By releasing these burdens, you redirect your personal resources to invest in compassionate, connected ways of relating. This transformative work paves the way for a future rich in understanding, connection, and shared growth, marking your transition from surviving to thriving together.

7 Core FEATURES of 'From Havoc To Hope'

Begin your immediate turnaround with 'From Havoc To Hope'. Our 7 Core Features provide urgent, effective support, uniquely tailored for those engulfed in relationship crisis. This program is your lifeline, offering immediate tools and strategies to reverse your current struggles.
It's a new, hopeful path distinctly different from past attempts, designed to swiftly transform and strengthen your bond in these critical times.

Weekly Personalized Private Coaching Sessions 2:1

Join Coach Keith as a couple in four targeted Zoom sessions addressing your unique key issues like 'Is there a future us?', communication breakdowns, trust rebuilding, and conflict resolution. Coach Keith provides personalized strategies that address the challenges that matter to you, guiding you through the complexities of your relationship's current crisis toward a hopeful future.

The Communication Cure® Process

The Communication Cure® is crafted for couples feeling distant and trapped in cycles of criticism and arguments. This science-based, DIY tool revives your ability to communicate effectively. It helps you feel heard, understood, and more skilled in conversation, offering therapeutic results by nurturing a deeper, more empathetic connection between partners. LEARN MORE

Strategically Selected Media Material

Watch and discuss together carefully curated videos and podcasts integrating The Communication Cure® process for profound impact and unique bond-building in your relationship. This where all the theory and infomation gets applied in your uniques situation for a very personal, therapeutic experience. 

Creative Effective Field Work

Science-based, effective assignments developed from 30 years of hands-on work with couples, tailored to actively improve your relationship. This is the commonly referenced step of 'Doing the work.'

S.O.S. Private Calls

Use the SOS call to wisely seek additional support for urgent issues. It's a strategic move to gain expert insights, ensuring you make decisions that both of you can be proud of and build upon, preventing setbacks and errors in these challenging times. (1 call/week)

24/6 Email & Text Support

Always here for you, with round-the-clock support to guide your relationship's journey, every step of the way. In a crisis, responsive support matters. Our 24/6 access offers guidance typically immediate, but guaranteed by end of day.

Daily Navigational Lifelines

Unwavering support and clear direction, tailored for navigating relationship challenges. These email/text messages not only bolster your proactive strategies, fostering hope and fortifying your bond, ensuring progress is recognized and celebrated each day.

Desperate for a long time...

"Several members of our family had been desperate with our family situation for a long time, and we really did not know what to do short of involving police, courts, and social services.
Keith's involvement was a godsend for us, and that is no exaggeration. His skill was evident in his ability to ask the right questions at the right time and help keep emotional conversations productive and healthy. His involvement helped convert our despair into hope. Without reservation I'd recommend Keith as a support system. Your family is worth every effort you can make for them."

J.P. - WI

strategies that stuck for 15 years!

Keith helped save our marriage. We were keeping secrets, not spending time together as a family and working all the time. We were both hurt, frustrated and felt trapped. Keith listened calmly, never judged and always made us feel comfortable and safe. He knew how to ask the right question, at the right time and listen through the emotions to find the core of our issues. He coached us in developing real communication strategies that have stuck for the past 15 years! It wasn’t easy but Keith coached us through every step of the way. I highly recommend Keith."

N.F. - ONT.

recommended by a divorce lawyer

Honestly folks I thought my marriage was over until my divorce attorney introduced me to Keith.

Do you folks get the gravity of that? A divorce attorney directed me towards Keith. Keith's ability to understand a broken heart is simply amazing. 

S.L. - WY

The LAST Thing You Need in a Crisis is to Spend Money on an Education!

In times of marital crises, when a lasting enjoyable future feels out of reach, generic 'How To' guides, lengthy lists, and 'little known secrets' to marital success are not the solution.
This is where "From Havoc to Hope" sets itself apart, offering not just guidance, but personalized couples coaching and tools tailored to your unique situation.

Beyond Generic: The Power of Personalized Coaching 
While many programs rely on one-size-fits-all methods like lists and 'hidden secrets,' "From Havoc to Hope" understands that every couple is unique. Our personalized coaching approach delves into the specific challenges and needs that are distinctive to your relationship. This individualized attention ensures that the solutions we develop are not just theoretical, but practically applicable to your personal marital journey.

Our Approach: Tailoring Experiences to Your Relationship
Our focus is on creating bonding experiences and enhancing communication, specifically tailored to the dynamics of your relationship. Unlike the generic advice found in 'How To' guides, our personalized coaching addresses the specific issues and challenges you face. It's about growing closer and stronger, not just as a couple, but in ways that are uniquely meaningful to both of you.

The Downside of One-Size-Fits-All 'Secrets' in Times of Crisis
Relying on generic 'secrets' and 'keys' for relationship success often overlooks the unique complexities of your partnership. This is why our personalized coaching is integral to our program. In times of crisis, a tailored approach that considers your individual circumstances is far more effective than broad, generalized strategies.

Deepening Connections with Customized Support
Our program is not just about moving beyond the superficial steps to a heartfelt experience; it's about ensuring that these experiences are deeply relevant to you. Our personalized coaching sessions are designed to facilitate genuine understanding and empathy, directly addressing the specific aspects of your relationship that need nurturing and growth.

Invest in a Program That Understands You
When considering your next steps in these challenging times, remember the value of a program that truly understands and caters to your unique relationship. "From Havoc to Hope" offers this through its experiential tools and personalized couples coaching—helping you not just grow closer, but grow together in ways that resonate with the heart of your partnership.

Keith Dorscht  - Coach & Program Creator

Keith has sat across from professional athletes, professors & authors, a drug-lord, politicians, couples struggling to make their 3rd marriage work, mega-church pastors... to the tune of 500+ 15-hour marriage intensives and an additional 30,000 stand-alone sessions.
He absolutely loves what he does; finding the uniqueness of an individual, identifying patterns that have wreaked havoc, strategizing the conversations and experiences needed to create a breakthrough and laying out the steps of growth necessary for lasting change.
**If you made it to this point on the website, you should probably schedule a free call with him. He'd love to meet you! SCHEDULE HERE

Take a (deeper) look at the BENEFITS

What's been helping couples in crisis for 30 years, now leveraged in an intensive 30-Day Program.

Stability & Clarity

Essential Stability: During a relationship crisis, achieving stability means halting the out-of-control spiral that's pulling you apart. It's about stopping the downward trend, giving you both a chance to pause, catch your breath, and regroup. This stability is crucial for preparing to move in a new, positive direction together.

Guiding Clarity: In the thick of a relationship crisis, it's common to feel lost in confusion. You may have questions about what's happening, why, and what steps to take next. With our experience in guiding hundreds of couples through similar crises, we'll be there to hold your hand through this process, offering clear, tried-and-true answers and a solid plan of action. This clarity is essential for understanding your unique situation and making informed decisions that lead to a healthier, stronger future for your relationship.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes: In this heightened time of stress, it's common to make decisions that can worsen the situation – involving people who may not offer constructive help, mismanaging finances, seeking revenge, acting out of negative emotions, or making choices based on fear. Each of these actions can have long-lasting effects, even after you've started down a better path.

Connection & Communication:
The Cornerstones of Crisis Resolution

Unique Connection Approach: Unlike other programs that overwhelm with content during a time when stress makes learning difficult, 'From Havoc to Hope' focuses on establishing an unbreakable bond. Our approach is grounded in real science, designed to foster connection first. We understand that in a crisis, the ability to absorb and implement new information is compromised. Therefore, our priority is to solidify your bond, creating a stable foundation for both partners.

Catalyzing Relational Brain Function: Once this bond is established, our program acts as a catalyst for your brains to function in a highly relational manner. This is where 'From Havoc to Hope' stands apart: we don't just educate; we transform the way your brains engage with each other. Through this connection, true love and care are naturally generated and expressed, not as a result of forced learning but as an organic outcome of the deepened bond. In this state, couples are not only able to learn but to truly internalize and practice what is taught, leading to lasting change.

Revolutionary Communication: Unlike other programs that overwhelm with excessive content, especially difficult to grasp under stress, 'From Havoc to Hope' takes a different approach. We recognize that the key to moving beyond a crisis in your relationship is not an overload of information, but first establishing a deep, unbreakable connection. Once this foundational bond is set, meaningful communication naturally follows.

Our unique tool, The Communication Cure®, is specifically developed to nurture this connection, guiding you beyond mere talking to engaging in transformative dialogues. These are conversations that repair, unite, and foster profound understanding, not just exchanges of words. 'The Communication Cure®' ensures that your communication is rich and constructive, focusing on empathy and emotional connection rather than just information sharing.

In 'From Havoc to Hope', we understand that true healing and strength in a relationship come from this sequence: deep connection leading to meaningful, transformational communication. This isn’t just communication for the sake of talking; it’s a pathway to rediscovering each other and reinforcing your partnership, especially crucial when navigating the challenges of a crisis.

Individualized Growth & Guidance

Tailored Growth: In our program, 'From Havoc to Hope', we offer private weekly sessions that are specially designed for each couple. We ask both partners to actively join in because it’s about growing as individuals and as a couple. Every session helps you understand yourselves better and strengthens your relationship, especially important when you’re dealing with tough times.

Navigating Crisis Together: Our goal is to help you face challenges as a team. We look into the issues and weaknesses that a crisis can reveal in your relationship, but we don’t just stop there. We work on making your bond stronger for the future. By tackling problems together, you both learn to support and understand each other better, making your relationship even closer.

Fostering Mutual Development: The program is designed so that as you grow individually, your relationship grows too. As you both develop and change for the better, your relationship does the same, leading to a stronger bond as you both move forward in hope.